Cookie statement



I also think it is important that you know I use cookies on my website and that you know for what purposes those cookies are used.


What is a cookie

Cookies are small text files, placed on the hard drive or in the memory of your (i.e.) phone, computer, laptop, tablet or any other device with which you view the website during your visit.


Placing a cookie is safe

Placing and using cookies is safe. No personal data can be traced. Please note that your phone number and/or your e-mail address will always remain unknown to me. Your privacy and the user-friendliness of our website are monitored by me. I ensure this is guaranteed.


Cookies do not contain viruses and they cannot damage the device you visit our website with. When you come back to the website at a later time, your information (stored in the cookies) is recognized: cookies only register that you view the website again. So, cookies are placed to increase your ease of use for the website and in connection with a commercial interest. By placing cookies, I can make the structure, navigation on the website and the content of the website as user-friendly as possible.


I use functional, analytical & social media related cookies.


  • Functional cookies are used to make the website function as well as possible. Functional cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website. The cookies are used to store settings for an optimal display, read out your browser settings in order to optimally display the website on your screen, load the website evenly, so that the site remains easily accessible.
  • Analytical cookies are used to map 'your behavior' on this website. To find out which pages on the website are viewed, I use Google Analytics. Google places cookies on your device. This makes your surfing behavior on the site transparent. The information that Googles receives from the cookie is analyzed. This information is anonymized as much as possible. Google will only share the information obtained with third parties if they are legally obliged to do so or insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google has not received permission from me to use information for other Google services.

Please note: Google is an American company and stores the information it collects in American servers. For more information about the Google Analytics policy, see the beforementioned Google website.

JavaScript ensures that page views can be counted. Statistics are made of the information collected on the website. These statistics are used for various purposes such as assessing which pages of this website may need to be adjusted, optimizing this website and my service.

  • Social media related cookies such as those from Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. They also place cookies on your device via these buttons.



When you have registered for a newsletter at, I would like to let you know that cookies are also used for this. More information about ActiveCampaign/Mailblue cookies can be found in their privacy policy.



Because cookies act as a label with which your computer can be identified, the webshop uses cookies to add products to your shopping cart, to create a profile, to log in and out and to process an order.



Because cookies act as a label with which your computer can be identified, my academy also uses cookies to create a profile, to log in and out and to save your progress.


Unnecessary cookies

Cookies that are not necessary are only placed after you have given permission for this by clicking 'agree' in the cookie bar. If you do not want the website to place cookies on your device, you can adjust your browser settings. In that case you receive a warning before cookies are placed and if possible, you can always automatically refuse cookies.


Unforeseen cookies

It is possible that cookies are placed via my websites by others, of which I am not always aware. Do you come across cookies that you cannot find in my overview? Let me know via email or contact the third party directly. Then ask which cookies they placed, what the reason is, what the lifespan of the cookie is and how they have guaranteed your privacy.


Refusing cookies

Please be aware that if you do not accept cookies, it cannot be guaranteed that the website will work properly. Functions on the website may not work properly or you will see errors on the website. How you can adjust your settings or delete cookies differs per browser. Please feel free to find out how this works in your browser:



Opt out

Permission is requested on the website (where necessary) about the use of the above cookies. If you do not want your data to be tracked, I advise you not to give permission (opt-out) or to install privacy-enhancing browser plug-ins.


Validity of this Statement

This Statement applies to my website and my associated services. Please note that I always have the right to change this Statement. Publication of a new version makes all previous versions invalid. I will inform you by email if a new Statement has consequences for the processing of the already collected (personal) data relating to you.