Foaling course

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Attention all equine breeders! Want to learn the secrets to a safe and successful foaling? This online foaling course has got you covered! With expert-led instruction and detailed videos, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to ensure a healthy birth for your mare and foal. More than 450 participants gave 5 star reviews.


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Review Toine Van Westing – Lecturer Equestrian Business

Surprisingly educational and very accessible by design

The online foaling course by Iris van Gulik, an equine vet, really hits the bull’s eye. It is beautifully designed and contains a lot of applicable information that is very useful for a broodmare owner. Even if you are just interested in breeding without a set plan, it is a useful course. The structure is very logical, the explanations are informative, clear, and accessible. The videos are nicely depicted, easy to follow, and have very clear corresponding explanations.